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Our sponsors and supporters

Equitap has benefited from its inception from the generous support of many sponsors, partners and professional colleagues. Other than the original INCO-DEV grant support, the work of the consortium has been made possible by numerous grants and contracts to the network or to individual partners to support technical development, in-country work, network meetings and dissemination activities. Equitap has also benefited from the continuous support and collaboration of the WHO regional offices in the Asia-Pacific: SEARO and WPRO, and WHO country offices in several countries.

Equitap 1 (2001-2006) was made possible largely through the financial support of the European Commission, Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. In Equitap 2 (2007-), the major sponsors are IDRC and AusAID. The following is a list of known grants and support that the network has received.

logo Institute for Health and Environment-Seoul National University
2011  -  2011:Support for Equitap Workshop held in Seoul, South Korea, 30th June – 1st July, 2011.

logo WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)
2010  -  2011:APWs to Equitap teams in Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam and Mongolia for analysis of financial risk protection in countries

logo Asian Development Bank (ADB)
2009  -  2011:ADB RETA-6516 contract award to Institute for Health Policy and Equitap partners for examining the equity impact of household expenditures for MNCH.

logo Australian Agency for International Development
2008  -  2012:Australian Development Research Award (ADRA) to Equitap network, grant number 44741, for work on equity in health systems and in MNCH healthcare delivery and financing, and for expanding Equitap netwo

logo International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
2008  -  2011:Research grant to Equitap network, number 105231, for work on financial risk protecton and expanding capacity in Laos, Cambodia and other countries

logo Health, Welfare and Food Bureau, Government of Hong Kong SAR
2003  -  2005:Research grants to Department of Community Medicine, Hong Kong University

logo Ford Foundation
2003  -  2005:"Social protection in Asia"

logo Rockefeller Foundation
2003  -  2005:WHO Millennium grant via Asia-Pacific NHA Network

logo World Bank Institute (WBI)
2002  -  2005:Financial support to Eddy van Doorslaer and Owen O’Donnell for development of Equitap technical guidelines

logo National Health Research Institute, Taiwan
2002  -  2005:International Collaborative Network for Health System Policy Research grant to Chang Gung University.

logo Department of Health, Taiwan
2002  -  2005:Research grants to Chang gung University, numbers DOH91-PL-1001, DOH92-PL-1001, DOH93-PL-1001,2002-2004

logo Gates Foundation / World Bank
2002  -  2005:"Reachin the Poor" grant to Ministry of Health, Kyrgys Republic

logo WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)
2002  -  2005:Support for Equitap Workshop

logo WHO South-East Regional Office (SEARO)
2002  -  2005:Support for Equitap Workshop

logo World Bank Institute (WBI)
2002  -  2005:Finacial supporter
logo Europen Commission
2001  -  2005:INCO-DEV grant. ICA4-CT-2001-10015