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11 Jul 2011: Equitap Network participates at the iHEA, 8th World Congress in Toronto.
Equitap Network members were active participants at the International Health Economics Association (IHEA) 2011 Biennial World Congress, held in Toronto, Canada from 11-13 July.
The presentations covered areas such as equity, issues in equity, socio-economic inequality, Equity in access, use and financial risk protection in Asia-Pacific health systems, impact of out-of-pocket expenditure.

13 Jun 2011: EQUITAP Workshop,2011
The annual EQUITAP Network meeting will be held in Seoul, Korea from the 30th - 1st of July, 2011. The Meeting will be hosted by EQUITAP Network and the Institute of Health and Environment, Seoul National University. equitaplogo.jpg

13 Jun 2011: Asia Network for Capacity Building in Health Systems Strengthening (ANHSS)
Collaborative network of Asia regional institutions and World Bank Institute established to develop regional capacity in health systems analysis and management through training courses and knowledge events. anhss.jpg