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Health Economics Unit
The Health Economics Unit (HEU) was established in 1994 under the Fourth Population and Health Project (FPHP) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with the aim to develop overall health economics capacity in Bangladesh through contribution to policy agenda setting, formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.
The Health Economics Unit is mainly delegated with producing research, conducting capacity building and developing policy advice pertaining to health economics and the health financing of the country. The unit also produces the national health accounts and public expenditure review on a routine basis.
Research team:
Md. Ashadul Islam, Team Leader
Md. Hafizur Rahman
Md. Abdul Hamid Moral
Dr. Ahmed Mustafa
Ms. Tahmina Begum, Advisor, BNHA Cell
Contact details:
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
14/2 Topkhana Road (3rd Floor)
Dhaka 1000
Phone: +88 (02) 7169835
Fax: +88 (02) 7169834