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cover page image Equity in financing healthcare: impact of universal access to healthcare in Thailand.

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Limwattananon, Supon, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Phusit Prakongsai
1 Jun 2005 | 36 pages

Equitap Working Paper Number 16.

In this paper we examine the distribution of health care utilisation and of OOP payments before and after the introduction of UC. We describe the distribution of publicly financed health services in relation to household living standards. We distinguish between three levels of care: outpatient care at HC, outpatient and inpatient care at DH and PH. We examine OOP payments that can be considered catastrophic, in the sense that they absorb a large share of household resources, and also those payments that impoverish by pushing individuals (further) below the poverty line (Wagstaff and van Doorslaer, 2003, van Doorslaer et al., 2005). Comparing the incidence of catastrophic payments and impoverishment from payments before and after UC gives some indication of the extent to which the extension of coverage has improved risk protection. For the post-UC period, we compare the incidence of public healthcare and of catastrophic and impoverishing payments across public health insurance schemes.