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University of Hong Kong
The School of Public Health, University of Hong Kong (HKU) has a long and distinguished record in providing teaching, research, and consultancy services in the fields of public health, health services research, epidemiology, health policy and economics, and behavioural sciences. HKU joined the EQUITAP network in 2002 and used data from two representative household surveys, namely Household Expenditure Survey and Thematic Household Survey, to assess the equity performance of the local health system. In addition to the progressivity, catastrophic payment and impoverishment, benefit incidence and utilisation analyses, HKU examined the horizontal equity and net redistribution of Hong Kong's mixed public-private health system, given the availability of required information in the two surveys. The first round of EQUITAP results shows that Hong Kong had one of the most equitable health systems in the region in that health care was progressively financed and public subsidies were concentrated on the poor. The rich opting out of the public sector also effected significant net redistribution from the rich to the poor.
Research team:
Mr. Keith YK Tin
Prof. Gabriel M. Leung (on leave) 
Contact details:
5F William MW Mong Block,
Faculty of Medicine Building
21 Sassoon Road, Hong Kong.
Phone: + 852-2819-9280
Fax: + 852-2855-9528