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Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)
Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI) is Cambodia's leading independent development policy research institute. The mission of CDRI is to contribute to Cambodia's sustainable development and the well-being of its people through the generation of high quality relevant development policy research, knowledge dissemination, and capacity building. CDRI works to achieve this mission in partnership with Cambodian public institutions and civil society and their regional and international partners, with respect for the capacity of Cambodian people and their institutions, for the value of local knowledge and experience and for Cambodia's history and culture. To support its research and capacity building, CDRI also offers library, information and publishing services, and both hosts and participates in local and international conferences, seminars and training programmes on development issues. Currently, CDRI has 92 staff including management, professional and technical research staff, administrative and support staff, of whom 84 are Cambodian. CDRI produces independent, objective, high quality policy-relevant development research, to maximise its accessibility to policy makers, influencers and stakeholders, and to have it affect policy in five interrelated areas: (1) Economy, trade and regional cooperation (2) Poverty, agriculture and rural development (3) Democratic governance and public sector reform (4) Natural resources and the environment and (5) Social development.
Social Development Programme
The Social Development (SD) programme is one of CDRI's five programmes mentioned above. Its strategy is to contribute to the well-being and human development of Cambodians through the generation of quality policy research relevant to health, education, social welfare, and peace-building.
Research team:
Dr. Neath Net
Mr. Vicheth Seng
Contact details:
56, St 315, Tuol Kork,
PO Box 622, Phnom Penh,Cambodia.
Phone: +855-23-881-384
Fax: +855-23-880-734