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University of Malaya
As one of the oldest faculties in the University of Malaya, the Faculty of Medicine has since 1965 been producing quality medical and para-medical graduates to service the needs of the country and beyond. The Department of Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM) is one of the 22 teaching departments of the Faculty of Medicine. Its 16 academic staff participate actively in the teaching programmes of the Faculty as well as in research projects spanning the entire range of public health interest areas. Academic staff include health statisticians, epidemiologists, occupational health specialists, health policy analysts, health economists, health managers and family health specialists. Their research interests range from effects of various occupational hazards to assessing impact of major health policies in the country. Staff members have also provided significant contributions to the current reform debate of the country’s health care system through their close linkages with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The department is represented in numerous Ministry of Health working committees including those for the third National Health and Morbidity Survey, National Health Care Delivery and Financing Reforms and the Malaysia National Health Accounts.
Research team:
Dr. Ng Chiu Wan
Contact details:
50603 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +603-796-4760
Fax: +603-7967-4975